Live Coding in Education Symposium – Report

The third symposium in our research network series took place in Cambridge on January 9th. Hosted by Pam Burnard, an education specialist, the event had the theme of “Live Coding in Education.” This was our smallest symposium, designed to be a dialogue between secondary school teachers and live coders, exploring how to respond to new IT curriculum.

For us live coders the event was very interesting and … educational. Topics ranged from discussions of how to teach creativity with code as means, to improvisation, conversation with code, coding as performance, the reversion back to Smalltalk, feminism, sharing of repertoire, and the role of live coding in IT education. It seemed that the biggest hurdle for introducing live coding in schools is the limited scope teachers have for exploring extracurricula topics: they need all the time they can get to get through the most basic things they are supposed to cover.

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