Computer Music Journal special issue on Live Coding

COMJ3801-Cover.inddWe’re very happy to announce that the Computer Music Journal special issue on Live Coding is now available on-line, and the print copies are finding their way to libraries now, hopefully near you. It features a wide range of articles on live coding and its role in participatory laptop orchestras, choreography, self-manipulating code, network music, semantics and copyright. Thor Magnusson’s overview paper “Herding Cats: Live Coding in the Wild” was selected as a sample article, as is available for free download.

This special issue appears at around the ten year mark for Live Coding research, within a highly respected journal, and is the result of a great deal of work by authors, editors and a fastidious copy editor. Congratulations to all involved.

Series editor: Douglas Keislar
Guest editors: Alex McLean, Julian Rohrhuber, Nick Collins


  • Thor Magnusson, Herding Cats: Observing Live Coding in the Wild
  • David Ogborn, Live Coding in a Scalable, Participatory Laptop Orchestra
  • Kate Sicchio, Hacking Choreography: Dance and Live Coding
  • Till Bovermann and Dave Griffiths, Computation as Material in Live Coding
  • Scott Wilson, Norah Lorway, Rosalyn Coull, Konstantinos Vasilakos and Tim Moyers, Free as in BEER: Some Explorations into Structured Improvisation Using Networked Live-Coding Systems
  • Andrew Sorensen, Ben Swift and Alistair Riddell, The Many Meanings of Live Coding
  • Martin Zeilinger, Live Coding the Law: Improvisation, Code, and Copyright


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